How to control the color tone of printed packaging bags?

  • 2022-06-24

How to control the hue of printing packaging bags in the printing process of composite packaging bags, the ink film color of printing packaging bags mainly depends on the ink concentration and handling rate in the printing operation. For some specific base materials or specific operation ink, the concentration of operation ink is relatively fixed, and the handling rate depends on the conditions of factors such as ink viscosity, and is also affected by factors such as printing speed.

If the temperature and humidity change the room temperature and the liquid temperature of the ink change greatly, the overflow state will change and the tone will change accordingly. This is because temperature changes affect the viscosity of the ink. At the same time, the dry climate of high temperature and low humidity will have a significant impact on the ink handling rate of the high light parts.

Therefore, no matter how to control the temperature and humidity of the printing workshop when printing products. In addition, when using ink in winter, it should be preheated in advance to reduce the temperature change of the ink itself. This kind of scene is easy to be produced in light colors, organic colors, inorganic pigments and other thick bodies with different specific gravity. Especially when the ink flow in the ink tray is too slow, the precipitation will promote the separation of synthetic colors, so we should pay attention to the circulation of ink. In addition, if the mixing is not enough during color mixing, the concentration of a certain color will increase with the progress of printing. Therefore, before formal printing, a dissolver or other mechanical or other methods should be used for sufficient mixing. Because of long-term printing, the composition of the ink solvent changes, or the water in the air mixes with the ink, causing the ink to deteriorate and the color to deteriorate.

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