How to distinguish the quality of plastic packaging bags?

  • 2022-07-18

1. First of all, we should see whether the appearance of plastic packaging bags has the mark of "for food". Usually, this sign should be on the front of the packaging bag in a more eye-catching position. The second is to look at the color. Generally speaking, colored plastic packaging bags mostly use recycled materials of waste plastics, which cannot be used for food. For example, some vegetable markets use black plastic bags for fish, shrimp and other aquatic products or meat, which were originally used for garbage, and consumers should avoid using them. Finally, plastic packaging manufacturers should see whether there are impurities in plastic bags. Put the plastic bag under the sun or light to see if there are black spots and holes. Plastic bags with impurities must use waste plastics as raw materials.

2. Smell the plastic packaging bag for peculiar smell, and whether it makes people feel sick. Qualified plastic packaging bags should be odor free, while unqualified plastic packaging bags will have various flavors due to the use of additives.

3. Qualified plastic packaging bags have a certain strength and will not be torn at once; Unqualified plastic packaging bags are often weak and easy to crack due to the addition of impurities.

4. Qualified plastic packaging bags will make a crisp sound when shaking; Unqualified plastic packaging bags are often "buzzing" and stuffy.

5. Put the plastic packaging bag in the water and press it to the bottom by hand. Wait a moment, the non-toxic plastic packaging bag will appear on the surface and the toxic plastic packaging bag will sink on the bottom.

6. Touching the surface of the plastic packaging bag with your hand is very smooth and non-toxic. If the color is misty and sticky and astringent, it is toxic.

7. Burning: cut a corner of the plastic packaging bag and burn it on the fire. The non-toxic burning will burn immediately. It will continue to burn after leaving the fire, and there will be a yellow flame, and the molten plastic will drop drop by drop like a candle, giving off a paraffin smell; It is poisonous and not easy to burn. After burning, it shows a green flame and has a choking smell.

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