How to make snack packaging creative?

  • 2022-07-01

There are many kinds of snacks on the market, and they are constantly updating and developing. It's dazzling to go to the supermarket. When facing snacks you haven't eaten, people often choose snacks with good packaging and drooling appearance. Therefore, for snacks, in addition to taste, the most important thing is packaging. Creative packaging is more attractive to customers, so, How can we make creative snack packaging design?

1、 Correctly positioning consumption objects

People like and desire beautiful things, but everyone has different understanding and definition of beauty, and different gender and age have different requirements for beauty. Therefore, in order to make snack packaging design attract more consumers, we first need to understand who the product is aimed at? Only in this way can we better and more pertinently grasp consumers' aesthetics, so as to design satisfactory snack packaging.

2、 Use large fonts as much as possible

In general, there are a wide range of snacks in shopping malls or supermarkets. All kinds of snacks are placed together. The name on the snack package must be as large as possible, so that people can recognize the snack at a glance, highlight the most important information and leave a deep impression. In addition to the font size, the font design should also have characteristics. You can design fonts according to the types and characteristics of snacks, which can also integrate some market popular elements that meet the psychological needs of consumers, so as to add some small ideas to the snack packaging.

3、 Scientific use of color

Snack packaging colors are varied, but if you carefully observe, you will find that most of the packaging colors are related to people's appetite for it. For example, chocolate packaging is mostly brown, which is similar to the color of chocolate. Milk packaging is basically white, with a little other colors to increase hierarchy and enhance aesthetic appeal. Biscuits are mostly packaged in purple, red and yellow, This is a good use of psychological knowledge, which can better meet the consumption psychology of food consumers. If only one color is used for snack packaging design, it is monotonous. You can choose to use one color as the main color, supplemented by the same color system, match and coordinate with each other. Only in this way can it help to enhance the sense of packaging design and give people a particularly delicate feeling.

In fact, if you want to design creative snack packaging, you need to observe more carefully at ordinary times to find the beauty in life, and then skillfully apply it to your design, so that the creative inspiration can come faster.

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