Method of manufacturing dog food packaging bag

  • 2022-07-11

With the increasing demand for dog food in the market, more and more people pay attention to the manufacturing methods of dog food packaging bags. The composite methods of dog food packaging bags include wet composite method, dry composite method, extrusion composite method, hot melt composite method and multi-layer extrusion composite method. Next, I will introduce the methods of manufacturing dog food packaging bags.

In the production process of dog food packaging bags, dry compounding method is a common process. In the production process, the manufacturer first applies the solvent based adhesive evenly on the base material, and then sends it to the drying pipe, so that the solvent inside volatilizes fully and then compounds with another layer of film. For example, if it is polypropylene film, the dry composite process is used to composite with other materials, such as aluminum foil, unidirectional stretched polypropylene film or biaxial stretched polypropylene film. The specific process is to evenly apply the bonding powder on the polypropylene film by the device, and then send it to the drying channel to volatilize the bonding powder, and then composite with another layer of film, A double-layer film is formed.

If the production process of dog food packaging bag uses the hot-melt composite method, it is to place two different tools and paraffin together, heat them and melt them, then directly coat them on the basic materials, and then make them by compounding with other materials and cooling them. In the extrusion composite method, a molten polyethylene extruded through the slit of the mold flows to the film or paper after being pressurized by the clamping roller, and then is coated, and then the polyethylene is pasted as a bonding layer.

If the compounding method of dog food packaging bag uses the dry compounding method, a layer of molten adhesive is directly applied to the surface of aluminum foil or plastic film, and then combined with other cellophane by rolling, or only compounded, and then dried to form a composite film. This method is often used in some dog food packaging bags that pack dry food.

The multi-layer extrusion compounding method is to compound various plastic resins with different properties into a film through multiple extruders and extrusion molds. This process does not need to use organic solvents and adhesives, so the film of the dog food packaging bag will not appear any peculiar smell and pungent smell, let alone the problem of organic solvent penetration. It can be used in food packaging with a longer shelf life, such as dog food packaging bags.

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