Nut packaging bags performance testing methods

  • 2022-01-11

Since the nutty food is hard, the strength and impact strength of the package will affect the package’s effectiveness. Some nuts are also packaged with inert gas, so the nature of the seal is important The following for everyone to analyze the package for the sealing, impact resistance of the test method:

First, the detection of heat sealability: sealing part of the sealing strength, heat seal strength test to verify, if the heat seal strength, prone to leaks, broken bags and other issues.

Second, for the detection of tightness, through the sealing of the (negative pressure method) test test can be found in the finished packaging prone to leaks, pressure relief parts.

Third, against the content of the impact properties of the test, through the bursting pressure (positive pressure method) test to verify the gas filled into the package to test the finished product packaging in the internal gas to break under the impact of the bag, used to find the nut products Finished packaging prone to rupture of the location and compressive strength.

Fourthly, according to the analysis of gas composition inside the package, it can be verified by the test of residual oxygen and carbon dioxide performance in the headspace to monitor the content of oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen in the finished package, so as to determine the sealing performance of finished package, Meet the quality requirements of nut products.

Fifth, for the testing of the drop resistance, provide the test related to the drop resistance, and further verify whether the broken bag occurs when the finished package falls within a certain height.

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