The uniqueness of octagonal seal packaging bag printing!

  • 2022-07-05

In order to make the food packaging bag exquisite and attract the attention of consumers. It is necessary to make beautiful color printing. Generally speaking, the color printing of a kind of packaging bag is a layout, such as self-supporting packaging bag and three side sealed packaging bag. However, the printing of octagonal sealed bags is different from other bag types and has its own particularity. Next, let's take a look:

1、 There are a total of 5 sides that can be printed on octagonal packaging bags, which is more than other packaging bags. If it is expanded, it can be divided into two pages for printing, with the front, rear and bottom as one page; The left and right sides serve as a layout. It can be seen that the printing cost of octagonal sealed bags is higher than that of other bag types.

2、 There are more printing display surfaces in the octagonal sealed packaging bag, except that the front and back surfaces are flat, which can display exquisite patterns by color printing; The bottom is also flat, printed with pictures and texts, lying flat can also have a good display; Although the side is not so flat, it can print the necessary information ingredient list, nutritional components, etc.

3、 The printing process and attention to details of octagon sealed packaging bags are no different from other packaging bag color printing. The ink should be uniform and not too thick; The solvent should be volatilized sufficiently to avoid peculiar smell; Precise positioning, clear and hierarchical graphics; These are all the same.

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