Chinese plastic flexible packaging bag manufacturers talking about the precautions for the customization of food plastic packaging bags

  • 2022-07-28

What should we pay attention to before customizing food plastic packaging bags? Provide the detailed size of the plastic packaging bag and confirm the materials to be used. If the customer has used plastic bags, it is OK to directly explain the specifications and dimensions to the manufacturer. The materials of plastic packaging bags include PE, Po and opp. Customers should confirm the materials they want to customize plastic bags. Generally, shopping bags in supermarkets use PE materials, because it is relatively strong.

Plastic food packaging bag

Choose the style and type of plastic bags. The types of plastic bags on the market now include vest bags, express bags, shopping bags, clothing bags and so on. Customers can explain the type of plastic bags they want to customize to the manufacturer according to their own needs. Provide vector graphics and text of the company's title or trade name logo. Generally, enterprises have their own plastic bags and will print their own logo or title on the plastic bags, which is also a way to promote their own enterprises.

The next step is manufacturing, including material purchase, film blowing, printing, slitting, packaging and delivery. The manufacturing cycle of plastic packaging bags will be different due to the difference between the number and the number. Under normal circumstances, it takes three days for design and plate making, four days for bag making, and about seven days for finished products to come out.

The contents introduced above are some aspects that need to be paid attention to before customizing plastic packaging bags. If you still need to know more about plastic food packaging bags, welcome to consult!

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