What should we pay attention to when customizing bags?

  • 2022-07-02

1、 Chromatic aberration

Different batches of products will have a certain degree of color difference. During the printing process, there will be color difference due to the color difference of the display screen, product material, ink and other printing processes. It is recommended that customers who make customized packaging bags provide actual color samples or Pantone color numbers. The master will manually color them according to the samples and color numbers to reduce the color difference and allow a little color difference.

2、 Thickness

The thickness is calculated in microns, and the hand feel is difficult to be different. Therefore, customers and friends are not recommended to order with "almost, probably, and it's OK to use". We can tell the purpose of the packaging. We can give the appropriate thickness according to the purpose, or provide the measured thickness. It can be slightly larger, but it can't be too small, otherwise the product will be difficult to use.

3、 Delivery date

For the first time to customize the packaging bag, the delivery time of the order is about 11-15 days, because the plate making takes 4-6 days, and the plate making time of complex patterns will be longer. If there is no plate making, the delivery time is about 7 days.

4、 Edition fee

The edition fee is determined according to the color of the printing. If there are several colors, you need several editions. The corresponding plate making fee will be charged when you place an order for the first time. If you need to make major changes in the future, you need to make plates again.

5、 Quantity

There will be a certain error between the customized finished product quantity of the packaging bag and the order quantity, which is generally within 10%, because there will be losses in the production process such as printing and compounding. Considering these losses, we will add more stock components to minimize the error.

6、 Price

According to your product materials, design manuscripts and process pricing, the production costs of different specifications of materials are also different, so the unit prices are different. Please consult the business manager for details.

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