We are a manufacturer of plastic packaging bags from HONGKONG. Our products have been exported to 98 countries and regions around the world. The company has 30000 square meters of purification workshop, dust-free food workshop, 2 sets of 10 color boster printing machines, 8 sets of high-speed printing machines, 6 sets of solvent-free environmental protection compound machines, 60 sets of bag cutting machines, and 350 employees working in shifts 24 hours a day. With 10 years of professional experience in exporting packaging bags, it is professionally exported to many countries all over the world and has a number of international certifications. The daily output is 5 million bags and 120 tons of finished products. The fastest delivery time is 3 days. The bags professionally produced include food packaging bags, daily necessities packaging bags, cosmetics packaging bags, detergent / detergent packaging bags, faucet packaging bags, spout packaging bags, liquid packaging bags, special-shaped bags, high-temperature cooking bags, aluminum foil bags, inflatable packaging bags, potato chip packaging bags, jelly cup cover film, cup sealing film and automatic packaging roll film. They can also provide the service of changing glass bottles into soft packaging bags and OEM labeling. Provide efficient one-to-one customer service, reply efficiently 24 hours, no time difference, and complete production orders efficiently. The price is affordable, including freight quotation, CIF air or sea quotation and FOB quotation. Chinese production has the advantages of affordable and character ratio. We can provide samples of the types of packaging bags you need free of charge. If you are interested in cooperation,

please contact our company's Email:info@haoyepackaging.com

what's app: + 8618688055313 

wechat number: 281180340

Welcome all the food companies, traders, agents, suppliers and other companies that need packaging bags all over the world to contact us.

We support OEM for customers in the same industry and packaging trading companies.

Welcome to contact us at any time to provide quotation for your products

We look forward to cooperating with you!

Tel:+86 18688055313


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