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Transparent Cellophane Bag Clear Opp Plastic Bags for Candy Lollipop Cookie Packing Wedding Party Gift Bag

Transparent Cellophane Bag Clear Opp Plastic Bags for Candy Lollipop Cookie Packing Wedding Party Gift Bag

Features&Advantages: First grade material and inks, ensure the safety of your products. Strong stereoscopic impression to attractive consumers. Accurate polychrome printing, brings perfect image performance. Professional suggestion as your requirements.The most suitable packaging for your products. High quality with the competitive price and best service.

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Transparent Cellophane Bag Clear Opp Plastic Bags for Candy Lollipop Cookie Packing Wedding Party Gift Bag

Product Type

Flat Bottom Bag/Stand Up Bag/Side Gusset Bag/Zipper Top Bag/With or Without Window Bag/Hole Bag,etc

Material Structure

Food Grade Material/BOPP/PET/PE/AL/CPP/LDPE/Kraft Paper or Customized.

Dimension Or Size


Printing Colors


Pringting Type Gravure printing
Surface Finishing

Tear notch,Matt or Glossy printing surface



Certification FDA(US),  ASTM, EEC(EU), QS, SGS, ISO9001:2015
MOQ 20000bag (according to bag size)
Business Type Direct manufacturer with more than 25 years history
Lead Time 15-20 days


Sample Free of Charge
The pictures relevant to the products are provided for reference only .We don’t have any intellectual property rights over the trademarks on display.

We are a manufacturer of plastic packaging bags from HONGKONG. Our products have been exported to 98 countries and regions around the world. The company has 30000 square meters of purification workshop, dust-free food workshop, 2 sets of 10 color boster printing machines, 8 sets of high-speed printing machines, 6 sets of solvent-free environmental protection compound machines, 60 sets of bag cutting machines, and 350 employees working in shifts 24 hours a day. With 10 years of professional experience in exporting packaging bags, it is professionally exported to many countries all over the world and has a number of international certifications. The daily output is 5 million bags and 120 tons of finished products. The fastest delivery time is 3 days. The bags professionally produced include food packaging bags, daily necessities packaging bags, cosmetics packaging bags, detergent / detergent packaging bags, faucet packaging bags, spout packaging bags, liquid packaging bags, special-shaped bags, high-temperature cooking bags, aluminum foil bags, inflatable packaging bags, potato chip packaging bags, jelly cup cover film, cup sealing film and automatic packaging roll film. They can also provide the service of changing glass bottles into soft packaging bags and OEM labeling. Provide efficient one-to-one customer service, reply efficiently 24 hours, no time difference, and complete production orders efficiently. The price is affordable, including freight quotation, CIF air or sea quotation and FOB quotation. Chinese production has the advantages of affordable and character ratio. We can provide samples of the types of packaging bags you need free of charge. If you are interested in cooperation, please contact our company's Email / LinkedIn: Or what's app: + 8618688055313 or wechat number: 281180340. Welcome to contact us at any time to provide quotation for your products, and look forward to cooperating with you!

What makes XINHAOYE different from traditional flexible packaging companies?

XINHAOYE is the first flexible packaging company designed from the ground up to simplify the flexible packaging experience. Our digital technology platform – and the service model it enables – allow brands to take advantage of low minimum orders, 10 to 15-business day turnaround. XINHAOYE is focused on partnering with brands to help them grow their business, through professional packaging and big-brand shelf appeal.

What can I expect with the customer experience at XINHAOYE?

Customer service is our top priority, and it’s our goal to become your flexible packaging partner. If you’re not sure what type of packaging you need, our experts will recommend a size and structure specific for your product. If you already have a specification in mind, let us know and we’ll work with it. Our customers find the ability to order to demand, thereby reducing costly inventory and obsolescence, a real game changer, especially for small and medium size businesses.

What are the benefits of XINHAOYE printing?     
GREAT question! XINHAOYE printing eliminates many of the steps in the conventional printing process, making it much faster and more efficient. Some of the benefits of  printing include:
  • Low minimum orders
  • Run multiple SKUs in one job
  • Short turnaround time (5-10 business days for roll stock and 10-15 business days for finished pouches)
  • Ability to print high-definition quality graphics and match existing product line designs
  • No plate or setup fees
  • existing product line designs

The use of variable data and graphics which make it possible to create customized packaging to:
  • Meet the needs of select target markets
  • Run unique marketing campaigns & promotions
  • Enable track and trace technology 
  • Verify your product’s authenticity
  • Set yourself apart from the competition

Why do brand marketers need to know about XINHAOYE?

XINHAOYE printing platform we are based on presents a multitude of new options for brand marketers and companies of all sizes. By partnering with XINHAOYE, you can rapidly bring new products to market, make changes on the fly, target certain demographics for promotions, apply eye-catching graphics, link the package to an online experience, and so much more.

What types of brands does XINHAOYE work with?   

We work with brands of all sizes in a variety of different markets and industries. 

CAN XINHAOYE transport goods to all countries in the world?

Yes, we can cooperate with countries all over the world and deliver goods by sea and air.

Although we come from Hong Kong, for the United States, Europe, South America and many other countries, we can use air transport as the fastest way to supply goods, or we can use part of the goods for air transport and part of the goods for sea transport, which can also make the supply smooth, and countries near Hong Kong can use various logistics more conveniently. The quotation we provide can also include CIF quotation of all freight. No plate fee.

Where is XINHAOYE located?   
We have locations factory all over the HONGKONG,SAMOA.

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Leave a Message

    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details, please leave a message here and we will reply to you as soon as possible.